The palace of Sanctum sits high upon the cliffs that stand tall along the eastern shore. The inner city ringed by tall walls is built largely upon the hills near the cliffs. Beyond these first set of walls is the outer city, which occupies much of the lowlands to the south and is guarded by its own lower wall. A river flows through the outer city, forming out of many smaller tributaries from the valleys and hills to the west.

Within the mist drenched hills west of the city is a lake which is home to a small rocky island. Upon this island the pattern rests, guarded by mists and the ghosts of the past. It is here the Lords of Sanctum gain access to there birthright, the ability to traverse the many worlds of shadow.

To the south of the city is the Feywild, a great and terrible wilderness that existed from the beginning of time. For the first several decades the denizens of the Feywild made war upon the kingdom of Sanctum. Only in recent years has an uneasy peace been forged.



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