And from the tumult that was the beginning a new universe was birthed, born of the will of those that came before the pattern of Sanctum sent waves of order through the seas of chaos. The old realms were left behind for their time had passed. It was a new age, and those who had created it and those who came after would move forward writing new tales. The new universe was young and vigorous, full of wonder and beauty but fostering danger and terror as well.

Our story begins thirty seven years after creation. The kingdom of Sanctum has stood firm against the twin courts of the Feywild, and finally a semblance of peace has been reached. This last decade has seen the completion of the palace and the city grows rapidly. The lords of Sanctum, freed from the constant struggle of building a kingdom begin to venture further into shadow, some even forging kingdoms of their own. But all is never what it seems and shadow can be a dangerous placeā€¦

From the Chronicles of Sanctum, Author Unknown


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